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Wild West

Just like the good old gold rush days in the wild west with this package you will have to tame the white water rapids and make sure your shotguns are loaded to catch the bag for dinner. This combination of white water rafting and clay pigeon shooting really offers you 2 premiere activities in 2 of the best locations in the UK.

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Clay Pigeon Shooting

Get yourself dressed for the occasion and make all the lads dress in their finest tweed to prepare for a clay pigeon shooting session at the best shooting ground in North Wales. With full instruction and all equipment provided you won't fail to have lots of fun, just make sure you don't let the clays get away!

White Water Rafting 

Putting in at the top of the river leaves a rafting journey of 4 miles in front of you. It's a steep, rocky course and the river is classed as a grade 2/4. (This is a Worldwide accepted rating that grades the technical difficulty of rapids on a river. Grade 1 is gentle flowing water, and grade 6 is considered commercially un-runnable). 

You and the Boyz will run everything in your path along with one of our professional and experienced raft guides who are there not only to steer the raft but to make sure the Stag gets as wet as possible! 


We'll make sure you're full of energy and ready for what ever is put in front of you through out the day by arranging a brilliant cooked pub lunch in one of our locals, a sly pint won't be out of the question, just remember we can't take anyone on an activity if they are a little worse for wear. 


By all means give us a call with your specific requirements or if this is what you want just get on and book it now, all you need to do is choose the day you want and we will get in touch to firm up all the fine details once the booking has gone through. 


Check out the merchandise site to purchase any clothing you want for your group as well, you can get everything sorted whilst you are here. If you want us to take care of everything for you and save you some time just send us through any requirements you have and we'll get it all sorted on your behalf. 

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Dont just take our word for how good our Wild West is, take a look at some of our customer comments:

MattB89 said:

Well run, well organised white water rafting experience. Very enjoyable...would recommend. Fast, wet & rocky experience.