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White Water Rafting and Go Karting

Thelma and Louise were all about breaking loose, having fun and ignoring the rules and that's what this day is all about. So these aren't your average Hen Party activities, your not an average Hen Party! Let loose, have fun and stick 2 fingers up at tradition. Go white water rafting and go karting and leave the face painting and spa days to everyone who doesn't know how to have real fun!

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White Water Rafting 

White Water Rafting is one of the best North Wales adventure activities on offer and our 4 mile trip is one of the best anywhere in the UK. Join one of our experienced river guides for the white water experience of a lifetime!

Go Karting

We're sending you to one of the largest Go Karting tracks in the UK which is located in Snowdonia National Park, you are going to take part in a GP Sprint to find out which of you is the fasten Hen to go round the road! 


We will book you all in for a set meal at the local Pub up the road in between your sessions (don't worry they are Stag group friendly and quite hard to offend). Whilst we don't allow anyone who is drunk to participate in sessions a cheeky pint at lunch will probably be OK. 


By all means give us a call with your specific requirements or if this is what you want just get on and book it now, all you need to do is choose the day you want and we will get in touch to firm up all the fine details once the booking has gone through. 


Check out the merchandise site to purchase any clothing you want for your group as well, you can get everything sorted whilst you are here. If you want us to take care of everything for you and save you some time just send us through any requirements you have and we'll get it all sorted on your behalf.  

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Watch the fun!

Dont just take our word for how good our White Water Rafting and Go Karting is, take a look at some of our customer comments:

AliW said:

I was one of a party of 10 from an earlier review (5th August, Martin). We were split between two boats due to the number of us. Having never done something like this before, I was a little apprehensive BUT I can honestly say, what a fantastic afternoon. I was one of those that did fall overboard but it certainly didnít knock my confidence, in fact I was in hysterics.. our instructor was great.. it was more leisurely than I had imagined which was perfect for a first timer..overall a great experience & would nightly recommend..