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Family High Ropes

Our High Ropes course is the perfect place for the family to have a fun time out together! With sessions lasting approximately 2 hours it’s the perfect way to fill a morning or an afternoon. Anyone over 10 years old with a relatively good level of fitness should be able to manage all the elements in the course, it’s just your nerves you’ll have to overcome, but with support and encouragement from your family you should easily achieve it. Our instructors will make sure you all have a safe and enjoyable experience that you will talk about for weeks to come.

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That's right, our course is a little bit different to most of the other courses you may have visited. Ours is the highest, at its highest point a dizzying 21 metres high! We're not trying to put you off, just giving you more of a reason to visit.

Don't just visit because our course is high, our trees are also very big Douglas Firs that are worth hugging and our platforms that you stand on are big enough in places for a tea party (yes, we've actually done it). In fact everything about our course makes it worth a visit whether you've tried 1 the high ropes course or you've done 100!

Once through the training course you start in the real ropes course where the first platform is a realistic 7 metres above the ground. You will work your way through various elements as you move through the course including the "Postmans Walk" and the "Indiana Bridge". There are different stages to get down from the course once you're in it and they both involve our Zip Wire. 

This is a huge gravity braked zip which is very different to most zip wires found in ropes courses. You will be taught to abseil to the ground when the zip wire comes to a rest at its lowest point.

When you have completed the whole course, which 99% of customers do, you will end up back at the zip wire platform where you will also zip wire to the ground to finish.

High ropes sessions run for approximately 1.5 - 2.5 hours, depending on group sizes. 

Watch the fun!

Dont just take our word for how good our Family High Ropes is, take a look at some of our customer comments:

Liz 466 said:

This is a great place to visit. Really friendly staff, a high and fun course and the bonus was that it was dog friendly. Great visit. Highly recommended.


Had a great family day out with get wet. A morning doing the high ropes expertly led by Kaz and Tess; just the right balance of instructive and laughs to get the kids going and safe. Then paint balling (after a nice dinner in Bala down the road) in the afternoon. In hindsight our family should have expected to join a stag party and it could have been an interesting mix adding in our couple of fearless teenagers. Mike and helper Tess kept control with short but fun games, good advice whilst keeping safety paramount. In the end the stag party was great fun and my son especially loved competing against the adults. My wife enjoyed it too however perhaps I should have advised her to wear a little more padding; it can sometimes sting a bit!