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Corporate Activities - North Wales

Get Wet The Adventure Company has a wealth of knowledge in running fantastic away days, corporate days, and team building events for groups of 6 people to 150 people. We have organised corporate days for different age groups from 12 years old to 65 years old! We can tailor make any day to suit your needs, just let us know what you need. 

We work in close partnership with the crogen estate ( which forms the perfect backdrop to any corporate event big or small. In partnership with Crogen we are able to organise superb accommodation and excellent conference facilities for you and your team.

Whilst an organisation is welcome to choose from any of our stand alone packages which may suit their needs we would urge them to get in touch to see whether there is a better way to organise a bespoke day out with the budget they have, we have a great imagination and like to come up with inventive days that will provide everyone with an experience and memory they will treasure.

With all of our stand alone activities we are able to tweak them to suit the specific needs of a group or to achieve any specific outcomes required from a day. Every idea of a day out starts with a desire to achieve something or reward something, let us in on the reason behind the day out and we’ll work our best to ensure the outcome matches the original desire.

Corporate Day with 1 Activity from £20 per person

Corporate Day with 2 Activities from £40 per person

Why not try something a little different?

An overnight team building and problem solving challenge event which includes 2 days of activities and an overnight camp. From £130 per person

The event can take the form of almost any scenario you wish, this is bespoke to you and your needs. We’ve run plenty of these taking the form of a secret agent mission to retrieve sensitive data from a terrorist threat. They are so much fun and extremely rewarding for all involved. We provide everything you need for your time with us apart from your own personal effects and sleeping bags (and showers).

Why come overnight? You and your team will get a full day and a half of team building activities which will include water based activities , land based activities, and command task style problem solving activities. We cover all of the bases allowing everyone to work to their own strengths and discover their own weaknesses, we can’t all be great at everything and knowing what we can do and what others can support us to achieve is key to the outcomes of this event.

You will be put up for the night in rooms with amazing views, sure you will have to walk a short distance to get to them but once you’re there you will be treated to an evening BBQ, campfire and possibly even some marshmallows! This is possibly the most important time period in our 2 days together, we’ll debrief the days activities and listen to everyone views and hear everyones opinions and then we’ll sit down to enjoy a fantastic meal, maybe a few drinks accompanied by a little music and some great conversation. This is the part of the course where teams are made stronger, being able to socialise and bond in an unfamiliar environment.  

If you want to hear the opinions of people who have undertaken this course we’ll put you in touch with them directly because we know they would recommend it!

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