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White Water Rafting

Here in North Wales we have some of the best rivers in the UK to raft on and we believe we raft on the best stretch of the best river in North Wales, 4 miles of unspoilt natural river with it's biggest drop right at the end to give you the thrill of your life!

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(If you are a group of less than 4 please call before booking) 

River Tryweryn, Bala

Putting in at the top of the river leaves a rafting journey of 4 miles in front of you. It's a steep, rocky course and the river is classed as a grade 2/4. (This is a Worldwide accepted rating that grades the technical difficulty of rapids on a river. Grade 1 is gentle flowing water, and grade 6 is considered commercially un-runnable). 

You will put onto the river after a full safety brief with your guides.

The river gradually builds through rapids like "Long left" and "Bouncing Rock" on it's way towards Bala.

You'll pay a visit to "Dump Truck Eddy" and your trip will culminate with a descent of "Bala Mill Falls" the biggest drop on the entire river! 

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White Water Raft Bala
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Bala Mill Falls

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Dont just take our word for how good our White Water Rafting is, take a look at some of our customer comments:

Lisa M said:

We went white water rating as part of a family holiday to Bala and had a great time! We were all beginners with some more adventurous than others! The whole experience was such fun and tailored to all our requirements (mum managed to stay dry and on the raft whilst the rest of us ended up in the river and soaked wet through!). The guides were excellent, making us feel safe whilst keeping things light hearted with plenty of banter! Thanks! Visited July 2015

Susan Jones said:

Whitewater Rafting was amazing! The adrenaline rush was fantastic and the brilliant staff made us feel very safe.