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Paediatric First Aid - 2 Day

This course is ideal for individuals who are responsible for children and infants, who wish to gain a nationally accredited Level 3 Award.

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Paediatric First Aid 

This course has been developed for those who are working with children and infants. It will be of particular interest to teachers, child minders, cre`che assistants, playgroup personnel and anyone else who has a responsibility for their welfare whilst in your care.

This two-day course satisfies the guidelines and criteria as laid down by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Ofsted.

In order to obtain this qualification, you must attend both days and complete the two units of accreditation. 

Course Outcomes

- Understand the roles of a Paediatric First Aider

- Ability to access emergency situations

- Provide first aid for unresponsive child breathing normally

- Provide first aid for unresponsive child who is not breathing

- Deal with blocked or obstructed airways

- Deal with external bleeding

- Understand how to provide first aid to infant or child with anaphylaxis

- Deal with effects of hot and cold

- Learn to deal with bone, joint and muscle injuries

- Appropriate first aid for heads and spinal injuries

- deling with electric shocks, burns and scolds 


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