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Activity First Aid

Whether you're an instructor in an outdoor environment, in which case a first aid course such as this will form be a prerequisite of your qualification, or you're just taking part as an enthusiast.

A 2 day activity first aid course certificated by the FAA which is an HSE approved awarding body. The knowledge gained from it should be seen as an essential qualification for you to obtain.


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Activity First Aid Course - 2 Days 

This 2 day course is extremely comprehensive and will be delivered in an outdoor environment that outdoor enthusiasts will find themselves in. 

During the course you will put into practice through realistic outdoor scenario's and role playing everything you learn. The course will be well structured in order for you to gain the following outcomes: 

- Be able to assess an incident

- Manage an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing

- Be able to manage a casualty who is breathing irregularly

- Be able to recognise and assist someone who is choking

- Manage bleeding

- Manage a casualty in shock (replica watches)

- Administer first aid to bone, muscle and joint injuries

- Deal with suspected head, neck, back and chest injuries

- Deal with thermal injuries

- Administer first aid to someone with sudden poisoning

** Sorry this activity is not available for our 2021 season

Leg Injury
Finger injury simulation
River CPR
Leg Brace
Recovery Monitoring

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